How to create a home network

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A network is any set of devices that can communicate with each other. Home networks can also include Internet access, which requires a router.

home network

What is a network

A typical home network may include multiple computers, a printer, a modem, and a router. Large home networks may also have switches, additional routers, and access points. There are also multimedia devices, such as television, game consoles and webcams.

  • Modem - Connect a computer or router to an ISP (Internet Service Provider).
  • Router - Connect wireless and wired network devices to each other and modem (as well as your ISP).
  • Switch - Allows you to connect multiple wired network devices to your home network. Your router has a built-in network switch (Ethernet port). If your wired network device has more ports on the router than the available Ethernet, you will need an additional switch to integrate the wired connection.

How to set up a home network

  1. Buy the right equipment. For a network containing Internetaccess, you need to: A computer with Ethernet ports or wireless network capabilities. A modem connected to an ISP (usually provided by your isp). A router that connects a computer and a modem. Internet service to your home, provided by an ISP (Internet Service Provider).
  2. Please make sure that the modem is working properly. Your ISP can help you set up your modem and verify that it works properly.
  3. Set up your router.
  4. Connect a computer or other network device to a network.