Clivir's Tutorial Community Lets You Be the Student and the Teacher (The Startup Review) 2022



20-Word description

Clivir is a free tutorial-based learning community where you can be both the teacher and the student.

100 word description

Come hither to Clivir. Clivir features tutorial style lessons that can be created by combining text with Web-based resources from sites like YouTube, photobucket, flickr and scribd, etc.

These lessons are grouped within member created classrooms that provide informal learning environments for discussions and member interactions.

- Don't let tutorials get lost in your community forums again.

- Showcase your skills by teaching others what you can do.

- Promote your service or product.

- Add further value to your face to face study or teaching.

So put the i back into clever and check out clivir.com.

's Take

Clivir provides a social online tutorial service where all members can become both teachers and students. There are many how-to sites out there that provide instructional videos such as 5Min and VideoJug, but this one's a little bit different. You don't just share lessons you've created, like on other sites, but also virtual classrooms that other members can join and attend. For example, here's a Clivir classroom for the Apple iPhone along with the lessons they offer.

At the heart of Clivir and all its classrooms are lessons which can contain a wide variety of elements from the Web such as images from Flickr, videos from YouTube, manuals and other documents from Scribd and more. All this content can be added to your lessons to enhance the text that you compose for your subject matter.

There's also an area just for questions which presumably will work much like Yahoo Answers. Members can post any question they have and others can provide answers. Because the site just recently launched there isn't a great deal of questions or answers in there right now.

Members can click the"Me too"link of any existing question to let everyone know how many people would like to know the answer. This becomes an adhoc type of rating system indicating which question the community wants answered the most. Missing from this area is a true rating system as found on Yahoo Answers where questions and answers are rated as well as those that ask and answer them. There's no doubt that Clivir will eventually implement such a useful system for ranking teachers and students.

There's a member's area called"Clivirirs"but it's rather bland and not anywhere near as informative or as useful as it should be, especially for a site dedicated to sharing knowledge and information. The members are just listed alphabetically without any indication as to what each member has to offer. Going forward, I think they need to add the ability to filter/list members according to their areas of specialty. For example, who provides lessons on social media or grammar or playing the piano? Each member just needs to fill out their profile and this information could be used as meta data for searches in the members area and elsewhere. For example, in the Questions area as well.

Even though Clivir's classrooms are a little sparse these days because they only recently opened their school doors, I think they can become a very active community where each and every member can contribute something. All of us have the ability to be a teacher as well as a student. Clivir could be the place that allows us to do just that.

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