How to choose a good password

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There is no perfect password. Hackers can crack any password if they have enough time and the right "dictionary" or "violence tool". So, you must create a password that can prevent hackers.

Complex passwords need three conditions

  1. It is neither a proper noun nor a word in a dictionary.
  2. It must be complex enough to resist repeated attacks.
  3. You can still remember it.

Use the first letter of a sentence

You can increase the complexity by increasing the password length. A good password length is at least 8 characters. Once the password reaches 15 characters, it will effectively resist hackers and its dictionary programs.

You can use the first letter of a basic sentence or phrase to make a password. As long as the password is not a word, it will resist the hacker's violent attack.

For example: Can't See the Forest Through the Trees: cstfttt.

Lengthen the Phrase

If your password has 15 characters, it will become very strong. Extend the password by adding special characters. You can add a website name or a phone, for example: cstfttt-gmailcom.

Add special characters and uppercase letters

Password strength increases dramatically when you add special letters or uppercase letters to your password. For example: Cstfttt-[email protected].

Periodically altering or changing passwords

At work, you'd better change your password every few days. At home, you should rotate passwords to ensure good computer security. You use different passwords on different websites and rotate some of them every few weeks to help yourself.

Rotating some passwords instead of the entire password will help prevent hackers from stealing your phrases. If you can memorize three or more passwords at the same time, you'll be well protected against violent hackers.

Advanced password prompt

You can also create a secure password using special password creation software. The software also creates passwords according to the rules mentioned above, just to make it easier for you.