If you are a network administrator, network security is very important to you. Normally you don't need to change the router's password. If you find a network threat, you need to change the router's password.

How to change my Wi-Fi router password-UFASK

The default passwords of routers are published, and anyone will find them and use them. For security, you can change the default password to your own. Fortunately, changing the router's setting is very simple.

How do I change the router password?

You can change the password of the router from the device management console. Each brand's router takes different steps to change its password, but don't worry, they're not very difficult.

Mliaos is an expert writer on About.com wireless networks and has an excellent step-by-step tutorial on changing router default passwords: How To Change the Default Password on a Network Router.

Maliaos'tutorials are written as Linksys routers, but other routers and devices can follow the same steps. Each router manufacturer will provide help information on the website. If you have problems changing routers and need more help, you can visit their websites. They have instructions for each model on their website that you can easily view or download. Of course, when you buy routers, you will also get paper operation instructions.

If you do not know the default password of the router, then you are obviously unable to change the password. Please refer to my default password list to find the default password of the router.

Although you know the default password of the device, you have changed the password of the router. If you forget the new password, you must reset the device to the factory default settings. There are steps in the operation manual of the router.

After resetting the wireless router, you can access it with the default username, password, and IP address, and then change the password.