Belkin Router Default IP Address Password

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A home wireless router usually has two IP addresses. One is to connect to external network such as Internet, which is a public IP address. Another is used to communicate with devices in the network. It is a private IP address.

Belkin Router Default IP Address Password

What is the default IP address of Belkin router

Each router has its own default IP address, and the Belkin router also has it. The default IP address is used to set up the router. After you have successfully logged in, you can personalize the router with some settings, such as WiFi password, port mapping. The default IP address of Belkin router is in general.

Accessing this IP address is also very simple. To open a web browser, you can choose a browser that you like. Type in the address bar and enter.

Administrators must know this address to connect to the router's console via a browser to perform operations such as changing wireless passwords, setting port forwarding, enabling or disabling Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) or setting up a custom domain name system (DNS).

The default username and password of Belkin router

Before accessing the router console, the system prompts you to enter the administrator username and password. You should change this information when you first set up a router. If you do not know the default user name and password of Belkin router, please try the following:

  • There are three default user names: admin, Admin, or blank.
  • There are also three default passwords: admin, password, or blank.

If you have changed the default value and lost the new password, please don't worry. All you need to do is reset the router and enter the default username and password. On Belkin routers, reset buttons are usually located next to the Internet port. Hold on the reset button for 30 to 60 seconds.

What you need to notice is that once you reset the router, all of your previous settings will disappear. All settings are back to the default factory settings.