9 Ways To Moblog From Your Phone 2021


Moblogging (short for"Mobile Blogging") is, just as the name implies, the concept of blogging on the go. True, we've provided you with tools before to do full blog posts from your phone, but sometimes you just want to give a short burst of information to your friends, and that is exactly what moblogs are perfect for. These 9 tools will help you tell everyone what you are doing no matter where you are.

BusyThumbs.com - Set up an archive for your texts, images and videos from your phone.

Jaiku.com - A microblogging site similar to Twitter, Jaiku lets you make short posts mainly from your traditional computers, but you can also text in your updates or use spiffier software with certain phone models.

Moblog.co.uk - A UK based moblogging site that allows you to upload pictues and videos.

MobyPicture.com - Post your mobile content to your social profiles, blogs, or just use their provided mobile site.

NowThen.com - Take pictures with your mobile, send them to NowThen for storage, and you can even have them delivered to your friend's phone for free.

Treemo.com - Publish text, video, pictures or audio to your channel, blog or MySpace and Facebook apps.

Twitter.com - While not exactly a moblogging service, there are numerous tools for you to post"tweets"from mobile phones.

Utterz.com - Using your mobile phone with Utterz, you can post videos and pictures directly to your blog, YouTube, Flickr and more, giving people real-time access to your activities.

Xanco.com - Considered a"lifelog", Xanco allows you to upload photos and videos from your phone an share them with friends and family anywhere in the world for free.