75 Essential Small Business Resources From 2010 2022


Want to take your small business to the next level? Or maybe start your own business? We've researched dozens of ways for you to do just that by leveraging social media and technology. And here you'll find a comprehensive list of those resources, whether you're looking to incorporate new technologies like mobile credit card scanners or you want to update your business's website.

You'll find all of the small business resources we've produced in the past year broken down into categories like social media, productivity, marketing, tech and tools, geo-location and deals, HR and hiring, success stories and getting started.

Social Media

Take your social media presence beyond a simple Facebook Page or company blog. Here are some ideas to inspire your business's use of social media in 2011.

HOW TO: Use Social Media to Connect with Other Entrepreneurs

HOW TO: Take Advantage of Social Media in Your E-mail Marketing

5 Ways Small Businesses Can Avoid Social Media Panic

4 Myths About Social Media and Business

Google Buzz: 5 Opportunities for Small Businesses

13 Essential Social Media Lessons for B2B Marketers from the Masters

HOW TO: Use Social Media for Lead Generation

HOW TO: Add Multimedia to Your Blog

HOW TO: Respond when Social Media Attacks Your Brand

Is Social Media Failing to Produce Business Leads?

5 Social Media Trends to Watch Right Now

10 Tips for Corporate Blogging

Why Small Businesses Shouldn't Take Social Media for Granted

5 Big Social Media Questions from Small Business Owners

4 Things Small Businesses Should Know About Facebook's New Groups

7 Tips for Succeeding as a Social Media Strategist


These posts will help you find new ways to stay on track, and be as efficient and effective as possible while working with contractors like designers.

18 Online Productivity Tools for Your Business

6 Ways to Manage International Relationships Online

HOW TO: Communicate Needs & Expectations to Web Designers

HOW TO: Avoid Being a Disaster Client

HOW TO: Connect with Other Entrepreneurs Online


See what trends were popular in the past year and get a little inspiration for new marketing strategies your company might pursue in the new year.

Top 10 YouTube Tips for Small Businesses

4 Tips for Writing SEO-Friendly Blog Posts

HOW TO: Optimize Your Site for Search Engine Marketing

HOW TO: Run Your Business Online with $10 and a Google Account

HOW TO: Manage Your Presence on Google Maps

HOW TO: Run Location-Based Google Ads

The State of Small Business Online Marketing Budgets

4 Misconceptions about Marketing in Social Games

5 Ways to Sell Your Expertise Online

Tech and Tools

The web is full of tools that will help you get the job done — and many of those tools are free. Here's a look at what mobile, web-based and other technologies are available for your small business.

Does Your Small Business Need an iPad?

4 Terrific Tools for Creating Business Web Forms

14 Essential iPhone Apps for Small Business Users

6 Best iPad Apps for Business Users

5 Useful iPhone Apps for Business Networking

5 Online Tools for Answering Your Small Business Questions

5 Energy Efficient Office Gadgets

Facebook Questions: A New Opportunity for Small Business?

4 Reasons the Updated iPhone Is Good for Business

10 Free WordPress Themes for Small Businesses

Why Small Businesses Should Care About Mobile Payments

5 Beautiful Tumblr Themes for Small Businesses

5 Ways to Use Google Voice for Your Business

5 Tips for Utilizing Skype for Small Business

HOW TO: Accept Credit Card Payments on Mobile Devices

7 Handy iPhone Apps for Managing Employee Time

10 Free Drupal Themes for Small Business

16 Handy iPhone Apps for Better Blogging

5 New Online Services Perfect for Small Businesses

8 Tools For Easily Creating a Mobile Version of Your Website

23 Free, Web-Based Tools SMBs Are Asking for Now

Geo-location and Deals

Geo-location services and deals were a big hit in 2010. Maybe you've been thinking about incorporating them in your business? Here's a guide to what works, what doesn't, and tips to employing these new services.

HOW TO: Make Your Small Business Geolocation-Ready

Beyond Foursquare: 5 Location-Based Apps for Your Small Business

Group Buying: Should Small Businesses Jump In?

5 New Ways Small Business Can Offer Location-Based Deals

How SMBs Can Start Using Facebook Places Now

How Online Private Sales Work and How Businesses Can Get Involved

Are Groupon Stores and Do-It-Yourself Deals Worth the Risk?

Human Resources and Hiring

Staffing decisions can make or break a business. Here is a list of resources to help you make the right decisions, tools that can help you find ideal candidates, and ways of dealing with employee issues.

7 Essential Online HR Resources for Your Small Business

5 Tips for Using LinkedIn to Find Star Employees

5 Ways Small Businesses Can Leverage LinkedIn's New Features

HOW TO: Handle an Employee's Controversial Online Behavior

Should You Search Social Media Sites for Job Candidate Information?

HOW TO: Hire a Designer or Developer

Why Your Business Should Consider Reverse Mentorship

Advice From Experts

Perhaps no one knows better how to successfully run a business than those who have done it before. Here's a list of resources with tips from the experts, as well as examples of successful uses of new technology.

Growing Your Business: 5 Tips From the Founder of Foursquare

Growing Your Business: 5 Tips From the Founder of Blip.tv

How 12 CEOs & Founders are Leveraging Web Video

15 Excellent Corporate Blogs to Learn From

13 Branded Mobile Apps That Got It Right

3 Ways Small Businesses are Investing in Social Good

Getting Started

Wondering where to begin? Or where to get funding for your big idea? Here are some resources to set you on the right path.

5 Lessons to Learn from Web Startups

4 Things to Consider When Creating a Business Logo

Should Your Startup Apply for the sFund?

Why Your Next Business Card May Be Virtual