7 Ways To Create Your Own Digg Clone 2021


You've seen Digg, and you've seen the hundreds - if not thousands - of similar sites sprouting up lately. Perhaps you've had an idea for a Digg-like site, but you just didn't know where to start? Luckily, today there are several options available for creating your own Digg clone which require little to no programming knowledge. These 7 tools will help you get down the road to that goal.

Blinkk - A mixture of Digg, del.icio.us and forums for you to build a site around.

coRank - If you just need a simple Digg clone, and don't want the hassle of running your own install and hosting, coRank is the way to go. Each user gets their own front page, so no matter how specific your topic is, your stories always have a chance of making"the front page".

Drupal Vote up/down Package - A module for Drupal that allows you to add voting capability to your site. Will also add the ability for bookmarklets and has a lot of AJAX functionality in the voting interface. You can also check out other modules like Voting API, Voting Actions and CRE recommendation

PHPDug - A PHP based Digg clone that looks very close to what it's copying. Features an installation wizard, captcha security codes, templating and more.

Pligg - This open source content management system is built specifically of setting up a Digg-style site based around any subject of your choice. It has an active community coming up with themes and moules to help manage the site.

Upwarded - Upwarded is no longer being developed, but the creator has released it under the GNU GPL/ CC license, so that any one can download the source code, play with it, and rerelease it under the same rules. You can also just choose to build a site using the software.

WordPress Vote It Up - Vote It Up allows you to add a vote up/vote down function to your blog. By default it is set to 40 votes to fill the bar.