6 Tricks for Instantly Looking Better in Photoshop 2022


Everyone wants to have perfect profile picture, but we've all seen examples of Photoshopping gone wrong. If you've ever wanted to clear those blemishes or trim those 10 pounds the camera adds, but end up looking more like a distorted member of the Jersey Shore cast than a runway model, you're not alone.

Don't worry — we'll show you the most common Photoshop tips and tricks to ensure that you're always looking your most photogenic. Check out the video tutorial above to learn how to do the"eye pop"technique, remove shiny skin and more.

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But use all these tricks in moderation. We think you look great just the way you are.

What are your favorite Photoshop tricks? Let us know in the comments section. Happy Photoshopping, everybody.

Image: Flickr, liketakingphoto

10 Amazing Android Photographs

1. Arrow by John Homer

This slice of urban art was captured in Swindon, UK. The muted colors come courtesy of the FXCamera app, but the clever use of the arrow and great composition are John Homer's own.

Taken with: HTC Magic

2. View From a Starbucks by Terry Wong

This unusual Boston street scene offers lots of movement, suggested by the wheel and delivered by the blurry woman. The monotone finish helps add a sense of timelessness.

Taken with: T-Mobile G1/HTC Dream

3. After the Rain by Clayton Perry

It's the light that makes this photo extraordinary, with the brilliant sun creating reflections that add interest, as well as a nice lens flare effect. Viewing this image, you feel that Clayton Perry managed to capture the exact moment the sun came out from behind the clouds after the rain had stopped.

Taken with: HTC Hero

4. Printemps by Vincent Vandevelde

With the looks of an Impressionist painting, beautifully vivid colors contrast in this shot of French fields to give the photo a dream-like quality.

Taken with: HTC Desire

5. Old Street by Matt King

How often do you take the time to look up? Matt King did and it got him this fab shot.

Taken with: T-Mobile G1/HTC Dream

6. Sunset by Zan McQuade

This amazing sunset was captured sans app by Zan McQuade, although some minor tweaks to the saturation, contrast, and brightness settings have helped make it the stunning shot it is.

Taken with: HTC EVO 4G

7. Telephone in Kingston by Lomodroid

The popular Android Vignette app helped Lomodroid snap this surreal pic. The bright red telephone boxes against the greened-out background and the fab framing add up to a striking shot.

Taken with: Nexus One

8. Japanese Sky by Nox Dineen

"Looking up through the trees reminded me of Japanese art,"says Nox Dineen of this wonderful photo. Almost abstract, it's a beautifully stark example of how to zoom in on an object and fill the frame with detail to create a strong image.

Taken with: HTC Hero

9. Outside the Kimball Art Museum by Jessica Martinez

The setting sun just peeking out from behind a tree adds a warm radiance to this tranquil landscape, while the colors make for a lovely Autumnal palette.

Taken with: T-Mobile G1/HTC Dream

10. Untitled by Tara Holland

Arguably more a portrait than a city-scape, this street scene caught our eye and we just had to share it. The awkward-looking subject contrasts brilliantly with the models in the background, and who can fail to smile at a classic case of blackened tooth graffiti?

Taken with: T-Mobile G1/HTC Dream