5 kinds of people should not eat peanuts

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Often eat peanuts, can enhance memory, prevent disease, but 5 kinds of people should not eat. Peanuts are no longer a rare food. They are sold everywhere in the market. It taste good and can be made into many kinds of food. They are also very nutritious.

The most common is that peanuts are made into snacks, or as a seasoning added to other snacks, fried peanuts can also be used as food and wine, the most common household cooking oil is also peanut oil, the Chinese people most like to eat peanuts. Today's article gives you a brief account of its nutritional value, and who else can't eat more.

5 kinds of people should not eat peanuts

Nutritional value of peanuts

It has made a good contribution in preventing heart disease, hypertension and arteriosclerosis. Peanuts contain large amounts of fatty acids, which effectively control the body's cholesterol levels. And it contains a lot of active substances, which can prevent tumors from growing inside the body. Peanuts can prevent cancer and reduce platelet aggregation.

Peanuts can reduce the risk of intestinal disease, especially cancer, remove toxic substances accumulated in the body, or eliminate toxic substances on the body's damage. It contain zinc and vitamin E, which help the brain enhance memory and resist brain aging.

People with blood clots can eat more peanuts because peanuts are rich in vitamin K and stop bleeding. Patients suffering from hemorrhagic diseases can eat food by eating peanuts.


Peanuts can be made into peanut oil, peanuts are high in energy, fat is also high, patients usually need to control energy and fat intake, so must eat less peanuts.

Patients with swelling and pain

Patients who are accidentally fallen or severely injured should not eat peanuts when they still have blood clots on their bodies. After eating peanuts, it will promote blood coagulation, and make the bruises linger and the symptoms of severe swelling and pain.

Cholecystectomy patients

Peanuts are high in fat, which is irritating to the gallbladder and stimulates the gallbladder to release a lot of bile. People who have undergone cholecystectomy and eat too much peanuts can cause the body to release too much bile and have no place to store it.

Chronic gastrointestinal diseases

Gastric ulcer, chronic gastritis, enteritis patients with poor digestive function, such people should be light diet, so can not touch the high fat diet of peanuts. And the protein and fat in peanuts are difficult to be absorbed and digested by the body, people with gastrointestinal diseases or eat less.

Gout patients

Peanuts inhibit uric acid excretion from the body and aggravate the patient's condition. If you have to fasting during the attack, you should also control the amount of food eaten during the non attack period.