4 easy ways to instantly upgrade your clothes for free 2021


Summer: the season of laziness. While the sun is slowly baking our brains, the last thing you want to do is think too intensely.

These four summer style hacks will make what you already own look even better. Learn how to perfectly (imperfectly) taper your trousers, properly roll your sleeves, casually untuck your t-shirt, and fold your pocket square. We've laid it all out so you can still look fresh in the heat.

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1. The instant trouser hem

Tip: Fold them up imperfectly. Long gone are the days when it's acceptable for a man to sport trousers or denim from their dad's closets. It's all about the tapered look, even (especially!) when it comes to jeans. If you have jeans that are too long, do the instant hem by rolling up your trousers in a manner that seems like an afterthought.

How to: Roll up your trousers an inch or two and then fold over to reveal the hem on one side. (Note: when bending down, roll them further up than you think is normal. As you stand, the jeans will slouch down.)

Shoes by Nike; jeans by 3x1

Image: Luke Leonard,

2. The superior sleeve roll

Tip: First fold should go slightly above the elbow. Rolling your sleeves shouldn't look disheveled or like you're in a college frat. Make it clean and sharp.

How to: First, unbutton your shirt sleeves for more room to roll. The first roll should go a centimeter above your elbow. After that initial fold, continue to roll three or four times.

Shirt by J.Crew; jeans by 3x1; watch by Skagen

Image: Luke Leonard,

3. The casual half-untuck

Tip: Make it look natural. To be truly stylish is to make it seem like you didn't try at all. Just look at James Dean, for instance, and his natural ability to look effortlessly cool.

How to: If you tuck in your entire shirt, you'll end up looking like your dad on a Sunday morning. Not the sexiest look. To make it stylish, try a half-untuck by gently pulling on only one side of the shirt.

Shirt, belt and khakis by Banana Republic

Image: Luke Leonard,

4. The easiest way to fold a pocket square

Tip: Try this easy puff-fold. If you have a lip pocket square or one that's entirely silk, chances are it'll be difficult to fold into any form.

How to: Lay the pocket square down. With your fingers, grab the pocket square in the center. Pick up the square and with your other hand guide it through while squeezing the end. Fold the remaining square. Place into your pocket.

Shirt by J.Crew; blazer and pocket square by Suit Supply; watch by Skagen

Image: Luke Leonard,