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The IP address is the management address of the HUAWEI router. There are also some other network devices that use it. It is a private IP address and may be assigned to the default IP address of several router models. router admin log in

You can assign the IP address to laptops, smart TVs, telephones, desktops, tablets, Chromecast, etc. It can also be used as the default IP address of routers. This is the default address that has been set up in the factory.

How to log in the IP address

Administrators can easily log in the routers with this IP address, just like any other URL. Open a web browser and choose the one you like. In your web browser, you can open the following address in the address bar:

You will be prompted to enter your password. This process is the same as or settings. If you are the first to login to this address, you will be prompted to set a password, you need to remember this password. Every time you login, you need to use this password.

Administrators can easily change the IP address of the router from other defaults or custom numbers to Some people may choose to make this change to make it easier to remember the address logged in to the router, but using on any other IP address has no special benefit.

Here's a list of four branded routers with their default IP, default passwords, and default usernames.

  1. Linksys Default Password List
  2. NETGEAR Default Password List
  3. Cisco Default Password List
  4. D-Link Default Password List

Set as a client IP address

Administrators can choose to assign to any device on the local network, not just routers. This can be done dynamically or manually through DHCP, thus forming a static IP address.

When you are using DHCP, you must configure the router to include in its assigned address range. A more common approach for administrators is to specify as the first address within the DHCP range, so that not only can be used, but,, and so on.

This IP address is a private IPv4 network address, which means you can't connect from outside as you would with a public IP address. It can only be used in one LAN.