Aug 25, 2018 2662Browse 0Like 0Comments is the default IP address for some types of home broadband routers. It is a private IP address, and sometimes it is used in a device in the LAN. When the router's IP address is, it often assigns to devices on the local network.

Working mode of private IP address

There is no special meaning or value for a separate private IP address. These are only designated by the Internet digital distribution authority (IANA) as "private". The private IP address is only used for LAN and can not be accessed from Internet. That's why modems and routers can operate easily with default private IP addresses. To access routers from Internet, you must use the public IP address of the router.

Connect to router using

If your router's IP address is, you can log in to its administrative console by typing its IP address into the URL address bar of the web browser:

At this point, the router will prompt you to enter your username and password. All routers have default user names and passwords by the manufacturer. The most common default user name is "admin", "user" or none. Similarly, the most common passwords are "admin", "password", "123456" or none. The default username and password are usually printed on the bottom of the router.

You usually do not need to access the router's administrative console. If your computer has a network connection problem, it may be very useful. is a popular IP address

Routers and access point manufacturers must use IP addresses in private scope. In the early days, Linksys and Netgear broadband router manufacturers chose 192.168.1.x as the default IP address. Although this private range can technically start with, most people believe that a sequence of numbers should start from 1. Therefore, has become the starting point of the home network address.

When the router has this first address, it can assign other addresses to other devices on the network. Therefore, has become the most common network device IP address.