Aug 25, 2018 3053Browse 0Like 0Comments is a private IP address. It is the beginning of the default dynamic IP address range for some Linksys home broadband routers. It can also be allocated to any device on the local network.

You can set the IP address of a network device to It can also be used as the default gateway IP address. IP address does not provide better performance and security than any other private address. Most routers use or as their default IP address.

Linksys router uses

Most Linksys routers set to their default IP address and then assign an address to other network devices via DHCP. Although is usually the default value for a router, administrators can easily change it to a different address (such as

The Linksys router supports a configuration setting called "start IP address". It defines the first IP address in the pool that DHCP will allocate from it. The first computer, phone, or other WiFi-connected device that connects to a router is usually assigned this address.

If is selected as the starting IP address in the pool, the newly connected device will use the address in that range. Therefore, if 30 devices are allocated, the range is from to In this case, devices in LAN will use, and so on. may also be the IP address allocated to the router itself. All connected devices regard it as the default gateway address. In this case, if you need to change the router settings, you must use, then enter the username and password.

Using on private networks

IP address can be used on any private network, whether it is a home network or a commercial network. It can be part of the DHCP pool or set to a static IP address. How to determine whether has been allocated to a network device? Quite simply, you can run the ping command from any other computer in the LAN. The router's console should also display a list of assigned DHCP addresses (some of which may belong to the current offline device).