12 Clever Ways to Repurpose Old Tech 2022


12 Ways to Repurpose Old Tech

1. Coin tumbler from printer

Coin aficionados and anyone else looking for a cheap way to clean coins, this hack requires just a little patience for a coin tumbler fashioned out of an old printer.

Video: YouTube, thedetectingguy

2. MIDI device from a toy piano

Programming your own MIDI device can be a doozy, but this how-to walks you through the complicated process.

Video: YouTube, Jen Shen

3. Dessert stand from records

If you can get your hands on a vintage 78 RPM record, you're only a couple of steps away from fashioning this dessert stand.

Image courtesy of Bubby and Bean.

4. USB stick from floppy disk

Retrofit your old floppy disks into usable storage units by turning them into a USB unit.

Screenshot courtesy of Instructables, Analogue-Chick.

5. Toaster from a VHS player

If you have ever wanted your toast to taste more '80s, try out this toaster hack outfitted from an old VHS player.

Video: YouTube, ti112200

6. Tabletop saw from scanner

Need a table-top saw? Grab your nearest scanner, or just get one on Craigslist for cheap. Then get to heavy-duty drilling.

Video: YouTube, utubesudarshan

7. Pom-poms from VHS and cassette tapes

If you have a bunch of old tapes lying around, this foolproof craft idea adds a touch of cutesy fun to your next party.

Video: YouTube, Crème de la Craft

8. Cat bed from a computer monitor

Remember when computer monitors were big enough a cat could fit inside? Well...

Screenshot courtesy of Instructables, AlpineButterfly.

9. Tablet from netbook

Recycle that old netbook (or MacBook) and turn it into a retro-looking tablet of sorts, complete with touchscreen.

Video: YouTube, lifehacker

10. Electronic picture frame from TV monitor

Transform a retro mid-century TV monitor into a mod, electronic backlit picture frame.

Image courtesy of Flickr, Atomic Indy.

11. Shredder from a printer

Everyone probably has a clunky old printer lying around. Follow this humorous how-to to transform that dinosaur into a useful paper shredder instead.

Screenshot courtesy of Instructables, laxap.

12. Bowls from records

Possibly the most popular DIY project for repurposing vinyl records, these bowls are a cinch to make, requiring minimal effort and supplies.

Image courtesy of Flickr, Ascent Stage.