10 Skype Chat Tricks for Power Users 2022


10 Useful Skype Tips and Tricks

1. Change the Font and Text Size

Skype's default text size for chat is teeny. However, you can easily make it larger — and even change the type of font used.

Go to the Tools menu at the top of your Skype screen and select Options.

On the left-hand side menu, click on IM & SMS, then IM appearance.

Now hit the Change font button and you can customize to your preference.

2. Change How a Contact's Name Is Displayed

You can adjust how someone's name appears on Skype, a handy tool if you want to differentiate between contacts with the same or similar names.

In the Contacts view, simply click on the person whose name you want to change. This will open a new window to the right with his name at the top.

Hover over his name and you'll see a little notepad and paper icon appear.

Click it, and you'll get the ability to edit his moniker. Make the change and then click on the check sign to save it.

3. Hide the Typing Indicator

When in a Skype Chat with someone, you can see when the other person is typing (a moving pencil appears) and also when they are deleting (the pencil starts rubbing out).

If you'd rather people did not see your entries and deletions before you message them, you can turn this option off.

Go to Tools > Options > IM & SMS > IM settings, then click on Show advanced options. Now just uncheck the Show when I am typing option.

4. Set Up Keyword Notifications

You can manage the Windows tray notifications and other alerts you receive when signed into Skype through the Tools, Options, Notifications/Alerts menus, but what's really cool is that you can set up keyword notifications for IM conversations.

When in a chat window, click on the Conversation menu, then select Notification settings. You can then enter the keywords you'd like to set up notifications for.

Now when the word is mentioned, you'll get alerted instantly. The word will also be highlighted in the chat window, so you can see it at a glance.

5. Quickly Edit Your Last Message

If you notice a typo in a message the moment after you send it, it's very simple to edit.

Just hit the Up arrow and the message will appear back in the edit box.

Make the changes you need to and hit Send message to resend the edited version.

6. Edit or Remove Recent Messages

Alternatively, if you notice a typo in a message a few IMs later, you can still edit it, but this way you'll have to right-click on the message to do so.

You can also delete messages in the same way.

However, when you do edit a message, a little pencil icon appears next to it to indicate the change.

When you delete a message, a notification indicates"This message has been removed"and a trash can icon appears.

7. Stop Animated Emoticons

If animated emoticons really annoy you, stop the animation and just view static icons.

To set this up, head to Tools > Options > IM & SMS > IM appearance.

Here you can select to see animated icons or more sedate versions.

8. Display Multiple Chat Windows

If you're chatting with more than one person at a time, the standard view can be a little restrictive.

There is a simple way to have multiple chat windows open. Go to the View menu, then select Compact View.

To change it back, go through the same process and select Default View.

9. Create Line Breaks

By default in Skype Chat, if you press the Enter key, whatever you have typed will send as a message.

If you want to create a line break, hold down the Shift key then press Enter.

Alternatively, if you'd like this swapped over permanently, you can easily make that change. Go to Tools > Options > IM & SMS > IM settings > Show advanced options. Here you can decide whether you'd like the Enter key to send your IM or to insert a line break.

10. Use Some Hidden Emoticons

The common Skype emoticons can be accessed by clicking on the smiley at the top of the compose message box, but there are tons more you can use.

Here are some of our favorites. See below for how to generate them (from from left to right.)

(wfh) (bug) (drunk) (rock) (poolparty) (rain) (headbang) (fubar) (swear) (talk) (e) (o) (~) (mp) (skype)