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The IP address is a private IP address. It can be used on the client device or the default IP address of the router. It might be a default gateway address or local client IP address. IP address router admin log in is often used in commercial computer networks. Home routers usually use addresses in the 192.168. X series, such as or However, computers at home may also be assigned IP addresses. There are more detailed instructions on how to use the IP address below.

If your computer's IP address is in the 10.0.0.x range, such as, then the router's IP address is most likely to be Some Cisco routers and NETGEAR routers usually use as their default IP address.

Connect to IP address

If your router's IP address is, you can easily connect to it. Open any web browser you like and type in the address bar. Once the page is loaded, the login page of the router's management console will be opened. You will be asked to enter the administrator user name and password.

Private IP addresses can only be accessed from LAN. This means that you can't connect directly to the from outside the network, such as Internet.

What is the default username and password of

When the router is produced, it has the default username and password. They are usually printed on the back of the router. Here are some of the default usernames and passwords of

  • username: admin, password: password
  • [none]/public
  • [none]/[none]
  • Cisco/Cisco
  • admin/admin
  • cusadmin/highspeed

If the default password does not work, it means that the password you entered is incorrect. If you have changed the default password, but you forget it, you can only reset the router. You can easily reset the router by pressing the reset button with a pen or toothpick for 15 seconds. Note that once you reset the router, your original settings disappear and all settings go back to the factory settings.

Can not connect to

The most common problem with IP addresses is the failure to connect to routers. Any other IP address has the same problem. There may be many reasons for this, but most likely, no device in the LAN uses this IP address. You can use the ping command in Windows to determine if devices are using You only need to input Ping after the command prompt.